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Terms and Conditions:

1. The seller shall review buyer’s Purchase Orders to ensure it meets all contractual requirements.

2. Seller shall establish and maintain an inspection system which provides for receiving inspection, and manufacturing acceptance inspections and tests needed to assure that materials delivered by seller are in strict compliance with all contract requirements.

3. Seller shall take all necessary actions to prevent, detect and remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from product to be sent to the Buyer.

4. The seller's inspection system shall provide assurance of product conformance for both materials produced at his facility and those purchased from subcontractors.

5. Seller shall provide right of access and assistance, without additional cost, to any and all areas, where work is being or is scheduled to be performed under this Purchase Order. Seller shall provide for the safety and convenience of buyer and/or buyer's customer while on-site. Buyer and or buyer's customer may perform in-process inspection, product audits, and system surveillance at seller's facilities as part of verification of conformance to contract. Seller shall also provide for onsite access by regulatory agency representatives, as required.

6. Seller's Purchase Orders shall clearly reflect and define all processing and testing requirements as required by the buyer's Purchase Order or attached specifications and drawings.

7. Seller shall comply with the following requirements with respect to buyer furnished material: Material furnished by the buyer shall be handled and stored in accordance with applicable specifications and requirements with due regard for protecting the material from damage due to handling and exposure. Seller shall visually inspect such material for accountability and damage from shipment.

8. Seller shall notify the Buyer in the event of nonconforming product and shall be responsible for any nonconformance to requirements. Buyer furnished material shall not be substituted without written approval from buyer.

9. Seller will notify the buyer of nonconforming product and arrangements for buyer approval of supplier nonconforming material.

10. Buyer may utilize sample inspection methods for acceptance of shipments. If the sample is unacceptable, buyer reserves the right to return all or part of the lot for credit or replacement. Seller shall provide a Certification of Conformance (COC) or Certification of Analysis (COA) as required to attest that all supplies presented meet the applicable purchase order terms and conditions. This certification shall bear the signature of an authorized agent of the seller.

11. Records of manufacturing, inspection, and tests shall be maintained and stored by the seller for a period of ten years after completion or termination of Purchase Orders. The COC's, final inspection / test results, and all objective evidence which substantiates seller's certifications, shall be retained on file at the seller's facility. When additional quality requirements so specify, appropriate data shall be provided with each shipment. This data shall be readily available for subsequent on-site review by buyer. When requested by buyer, seller shall provide at no cost, legible photocopies of inspection / test results or substantiating objective evidence for any certification or statements of quality.

12. Seller shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements documented in the P.O. including key characteristics where required.

13. The seller shall notify the buyer of changes in product and/or processes and obtain the sellers approval if required.

14. The seller agrees to use customer designated or approved external providers.

15. Seller agrees to prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

16.  Seller agrees to perform special processes required by the purchase order by qualified personnel.

17. All vendors providing Calibration Services must be Certified ISO17025 (or equivalent).  All Calibration Certificates must identify standards used and must be traceable to NIST.

18.  Seller must ensure that persons are aware of:
− their contribution to product or service conformity;
− their contribution to product safety;
− the importance of ethical behavior.

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